Warnambool to Robe via Mt Gambier, Robe to Adelaide

Day 7 Warrnambool to Robe  From Warnambool  we crossed into South Australia,  stopped for a look around Mt Gambier, and on to Robe.  At Millicent, I lost the others. They went via the coast and Beachport, I went inland via Thornlea.  After a night in Robe, we road to Wellington, where we crossed the Murray by ferry. After fueling up in Wellington, I was still fiddling with my GPS when the others set off without me.  I did not notice they had turned back to take the road that runs alongside the river.  Once again I ended up going a different route.  As it happens I got the better ride this time.  Just as I joined the freeway past Mt Barker, guess who came along?

Their route:


DSC04634 - Copy DSC04635 DSC04636 - Copy DSC04642 - Copy DSC04643 - Copy DSC04644 DSC04645 - Copy DSC04646 DSC04617 - Copy DSC04619 - Copy DSC04621 DSC04624 - Copy DSC04630 - Copy DSC04631 - Copy DSC04632 DSC04633 - Copy DSC04633

Like this:


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